About me

My name is Jeff Tartt. I am a Software Developer and a father of 3 other JTartt’s. Yep, all three of my children have, “J”, names. My goal is to be a stay at home Dad and watch each one of my children grow.

I have worked in the financial industry as a developer. Did some really neat things. Did some peripheral work, “which was cool”, such as: printers, scanners, webcams, and signature pads, drawing pads, “You get the idea”, devices. I have also built web and mobile applications.

I have a very versatile language portfolio and the ability to pick up new ones.

I construct web applications that are designed to be responsive, simple, intuitive, and to fit the screen size it’s on. Providing the ability to view it on any device.

Check out these sites of mine!

Tartt World
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